Cloud BI Strategy: Do's, Don'ts and Gotchas
on-demand  |  60 min

51% of customers surveyed by Gartner reported that they either already use cloud BI or plan to do so in the next 12 months.* What do they know about cloud BI that you don’t — and what should every business consider when developing a cloud strategy?


Cindi Howson of featured analyst firm Gartner is here to explain all the factors you need to know. Plus, you won’t want to miss Anthony Deighton, Qlik’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, who’ll share the latest on Qlik’s unique hybrid cloud solution. Learn about its flexible deployment options that allow you to keep your data anywhere you like — so you can evolve your analytics to suit your business needs.


Join us for Cloud BI Strategy: Do’s, Don’ts, and Gotchas.

Learn about the factors you should consider, including:



  • Where the BI market is going — and what that means for you

  • Why data gravity will drive your cloud BI strategy

  • How and when to move your analytics to the cloud