Accelerating Your Analytics Pipeline With Self Service Data Prep
March 22nd  |  09:00 PT  |  45 min

As organizations collect more data from a growing number of sources, it is increasingly difficult for business users to do fast data discovery. Companies with large, disparate data sets often find themselves faced with data silos or bogged down with time-intensive, manual data preparation processes that require multiple tools to manage.

Join us as we discuss new self-service data prep strategies that will address these challenges. We will take a deep dive into ThoughtSpot’s technology stack and show how within one analytics platform it is possible to simplify and automate the entire analytics pipeline—from data connections to data prep, and then using a simple search interface for analysis. We will also share how customers have used ThoughtSpot to streamline these operations and accelerate time to insight for their business users.


In this webinar, you will:


- Learn about the data analytics pipeline and how new data integration and data prep technologies are accelerating time to insight

- Go under the hood to see how ThoughtSpot simplifies and automates the data prep and governance process

- Learn how customers use ThoughtSpot for their self-service data prep needs

Meet the Speaker

Scott Holden is the CMO at ThoughtSpot where he is responsible for product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, PR, AR, and events. Prior to ThoughtSpot, Scott spent seven years at Salesforce running a number of marketing teams, including leading marketing for the Salesforce1 Platform, Sales Cloud, Chatter, Industry Marketing, Customer Marketing, and SMB Marketing.