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Global Growth Business Limited, Your Data & GDPR:

Business conferences are generally about learning, networking & business development. This means exchanging (business) contact details and personal information associated with that. We take your data privacy & preferences seriously, so we've tried to make absolutely clear about how we collect, store & process your personal information below: 

Data Collection: 

1. We collect your personal information through multiple channels including: brochure download forms, conference registration portals, LinkedIn, 3rd-party partnerships, white paper downloads, webinar registrations, and conference referrals. 

2. We collect details including: Full name, business job title, business name, business email address, business phone number, business postal address, LinkedIn profile URL, and additional personal preferences you may indicate during a conference registration process. 

Data Processing: 

1. Your data is used internally to create a conference registration list. This list is used to create & print your conference name badge - a visible badge - worn throughout the duration of the conference to assist with identification & networking. This name badge may include details such as: full name, business job title, business name. 

2. Your data is shared with conference speakers - namely your business job title and business name - but on occasion your full name too. This information helps conference speakers to tailor their presentation to better fit the overall audience demographic. 

3. Your data is shared with conference sponsors. Attendee information is shared pre and post-conference with our sponsors to ensure they can be fully prepared for networking & business development opportunities. Sponsors are encouraged to connect with attendees in advance of the conference, and are likely to initiate post-event followups to attendees using the data we provide them. 

4. Your data is shared with sponsors of our white papers & webinars; this allows them to followup with you directly to initiate a conversation. 

Our GDPR Policy can be downloaded here

If you have any questions about your data, please contact: 

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