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The Case for Search Driven Analytics
How a new breed of search engine is solving BI's adoption problem. 
Big Data In Smart Cities
Creating smart cities using open source software.
Search-Driven Business Analytics
This report examines what it takes to make business intelligence as simple and responsive as today's consumer search engines.
Measuring Web Performance 
Web presence has evolved from an augmentation of traditional business operations to a mission-critical element.
Good Practices For Developing User Experience in Qlik Sense
Creating compelling analytics applications for business users. 
The Fundamentals of Image Analytics
A brand's guide to understanding and using image analysis.
How Data Became The Heart Of The Sharing Economy
And how to make it the heart of your business.
10 Ways To Transform Big Data Analytics Into Big Value
Big data can produce a lot of value, but only if you know how to claim it. 
Turn Your Data Into Insight
Dashboards have become a preferred user interface for presenting information. Dashboards can positively change the way we view, disperse & work with information.
A Modern Data Platform For The Cloud
Exploring common application patterns companies are employing to get more value from their data in the cloud.
The Four Pillars Of Analytics Technology
Knowing what really matters when selecting analytics technologies and how to put it all together can be daunting, to say the least.
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